The quality of the installation is superb   Recently updated !

Eric M. Siegal, M.D.
Denver, CO 80206


Dear Jim and Andy,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased Jeanne and I are with the work you did on our house. One reason we’d been waiting to replace our kitchen widows was our inability to find window salesmen who did not come off like used car dealers. Your no-pressure, honest and straightforward approach was really a breath of fresh air.

The quality of the installation is superb, and the windows look terrific. Jeanne (who is quite particular about these things) was shocked and gratified to find that your left the kitchen spotless.

Please feel free to show this letter to potential customers, who should be aware that you in no way solicited this letter from us. I’d be happy to speak to anyone who has further questions.

Happy New Year, and thanks again
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