Buying new replacement windows?
Questions about Replacement WindowsAdding Replacement windows is the best thing you can do for your home.  Property owners looking to sell their home can greatly increase the value by adding new  windows and, there are benefits you’ll enjoy right away, like the savings on your home energy bills from increased window efficiency. And your comfort levels will also benefit, from reduced drafts and better overall comfort for everyone in your house. Replacement windows now are so much better than versions even 10 years ago. They will make your home so much nicer in many ways.

Choosing the best window replacement company

It is important to take the time to talk to a few companies and find out everything you can about can  about them.  So many companies have special promotions that are really just adding an extra cost to the windows and then having a promotion so you think you are saving up to 50%. We recommend that you get at least two estimates on your windows and doors.  Make sure that the windows are comparable as well.  Many companies use a lower quality window that will not be as energy efficient or work and last as well as a quality window.  Go to the actual window manufacturers website and read about their windows and then check out the reviews about the windows you will be getting in your home before you make your decision.  Find out about the installation guarantee. It is very important that the company you hire guarantees their work in case there is a problem with the installation.

What is the best  choice for replacement windows?

Vinyl is a great choice for replacement windows. Vinyl is very durable and strong enough to handle heavy glass. Vinyl windows are affordable, low maintenance and clean up easily.

There are other materials you might wish to consider. You can do some research on wood, and fiberglass replacement windows and see if they may be better for your situation.  Other materials tend to cost a bit more and that is why vinyl is s popular.

What is window condensation?

Condensation can appear as ice, water, frost,  or a combination of these. Condensation forms anywhere including windows, when the temperature of the surface is lower than its dew point. If the temperature of the window glass is 45 degrees and the dew point is 50 degrees, condensation will form. The  dew point of the surface where the condensation can form is related to the humidity in the air, and to the air temperature in the room. As the humidity increases in the area, the dew point goes up and condensation on a window is more likely to appear. The higher the relative humidity in a room, the more likely you are to see condensation on all everything especially glass windows.

Replacement windows prevent condensation because of how they are designed. Companies design windows so the surface temperature of the glass is above the dew point. Today’s replacement windows block heat transfer through the panes.

Is low emissivity (low e) glass worth the extra money?

Low e glass allows visible light to pass through the window but blocks the infrared and UV light. UV light can damage the skin and your furniture, it causes colors to fade in fabrics like carpets and couches. Infrared light is part of sunlight that makes things heat up. Low e glass is worth the investment for most households.

 What attributes make windows energy efficient?

Energy efficient windows have several common attributes.  Manufactures typically use high quality frame materials that insulate well and prevent heat transfer. Multiple panes are commonly used with air or gas in the middle to insulate even more. The top of the line windows use argon or krypton between the panes.  These gases insulate better than air.
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